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Moped Wheelies

So you remember that time I blogged about having a wreck and throwing my phone directly in the cup of water and being really kind of put out by the whole thing? Well, State Farm set me up a rental car and is promising to pay 80% of the bill up to $500 which is all well and good. No sweat, really.

But when you get into a rental car after an accident you sometimes maybe think about how awful it would be to have another accident and are at least somewhat careful. I don’t abuse stuff like cars anyway, so it’s not all that far of a stretch to kind of watch out and make sure things are… copacetic.

I say all that because my wife and I commute together and wind up seeing a lot of interesting things during our commute. Most of the time it is hilarious driving techniques by other motorists but sometimes edges on insanity. We live in the country so there is the occasional cow in the road, or the deer or the moped doing a wheelie thing. Yeah, well I didn’t know you could even do a wheelie on a moped but seeing it tonight made me wish I had ordered that camera for the car to record everything on a loop and give me a one button option to save the video.


Turns out moped wheelies are pretty common so I was able to find a representative picture for you to enjoy. I still kind of can’t believe it. Dude was totally riding the wheelie down the road around a blind curve on my side of the road headed directly for us. He deftly skirted around us and I only had to slow down some. I was annoyed at first but then the appreciation of the event hit me. I had been entertained by a young redneck who is obviously still climbing fools hill. What a treat!

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Meet Santa! And his… horses?

This defies commentary. Thanks for the laugh John!

Santa and his horses.  Just damn.

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Ninjas Continue to Plague the Masses

I need Kung-Fu Lessons.
We all need to learn Kung Fu.

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They teach us not to pee on our hands…

One day I walk in to the bathroom at work to see this contraption next to the sink.

Dyson Airblade

This device has a 0.3mm x 9″ slot through which it pushes unheated air. The website claims the air is moving at 400mph, which I assume is prior to hitting the 0.3mm slot, but who knows. Essentially it creats a “blade” of air that wipes your hands dry in some stupidly fast amount of time.

It does get your hands dry after you pass them through a couple of times, but it’s a little weird. I’d rather use paper towels so I don’t have to grab that nasty door handle on the way out of the room. Not everyone stops at the sink on the way out… Also, the space to put your hands is great for someone with small hands but is less good for someone with hands intended to knock yo punk ass out.

Anyway, this isn’t a review, I just think it’s funny. One day I’ll take a picture of the toilet handle that says to push it UP for #1 and DOWN for #2…

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Robotic Dog…

This is pretty amazing footage of what is likely to be the device used to kill all of us when our government finally goes all the way over the edge. It’s a happy post Easter thought I just couldn’t resist sharing. Follow the link below…

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I can’t resist sharing this list with you.  These are pictures of students showing off their science fair projects and it is nothing short of precious.  This is but one example of many.  Click on it and scroll through the many science projects.  As a disclaimer, I have no idea who these kids are and have no connection with any of the “work” they are showing off.

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Oh to be Immortalized in Legoland

Steven Hawking

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SCO Group files for bankruptcy protection

SCO Group

For those who know about the SCO Group’s activities in the recent past, you understand they inexplicably positioned themselves as enemies to the open source movement.  They spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) by threatening and suing people who made use of Linux without paying them huge royalties.  Their argument was based on the thin claim that proprietary code they owned the rights to somehow made it into the Linux code base.

The result for the most part was the generation of negative energy from technologists toward their company.  It was like they stopped developing products and decided their entire approach to business would be to cash in on patent investments by litigating.

 As the title for this blog suggests, they are filing for bankruptcy protection.  Karma?  Probably more like bad decision come to haunt.

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