July 14, 2006

About Me & Lunatic Platitudes

Who Am I? The First Moments…

While I would love to believe there are tons of people dying to know more about who I am, I am certain this is not the case. In the spirit of Internet giving, I will tell you a little bit about myself and Lunatic Platitudes anyway.

I was born in the early 1970’s in a hospital in Rome, GA. My parents were of course amazed that such a perfect human being could be delivered by anyone and no doubt they were buoyed by the fact they were the ones who did. Don’t worry, later in life I was taught lessons in humility that make the previous sentence difficult to type. Even still, I’d rather be funny than right sometimes, and this is one of those times.


I lived most of my life in a small town northwest of Rome, GA in what I thought at the time was “the city”. In reality I essentially lived in the country. My Great Grandfather was still with us when I was younger and we spent a lot of time at the farm he’d built. I enjoyed the usual lot of things children enjoyed in those days but feel particularly lucky to have experienced them within the context of the wonderful people I was born amongst. No doubt there are some who will read this who feel the same about their own group.


After I graduated High School, I went to college and studied Mechanical Engineering. While I do love mechanical things, I eventually found myself drawn towards emerging technologies surrounding computers and the Internet, which was not really a thing at the time (yet).

This was the first race car built at Southern Tech (Now Southern Polytechnic). I am the guy standing on the right side of the frame, looking back.

Professional Career

After college, I started a company with my brother-in-law called Wavegate ISP, Inc. We were the very first locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider in Rome, GA. We found brief moments of success and survived until we sold almost four years later. This experience did more to shape my attitude around work and how people build value in themselves than almost anything else in my history. It also proved to me I would be absolutely nothing without truly admirable people like my Brother-in-Law in my life. He is a truly awesome person.

As connection technologies advanced and required more in depth investments in infrastructure reaching into millions of dollars, it became apparent the dial-up dinosaur would fade into the background noise or disappear altogether. While we had done some diversification of revenue sources by selling website services and hosting and providing frame relay based connectivity to companies in the area, we knew we needed to find a buyer and make a graceful exit. We had amassed a user base of around 1,000 dial-up subscribers, and this was enough to entice a sale of the company to another local ISP who had started up shortly after we did. I feel we did the best job possible providing good service to our users and remember the time fondly.

Present Day

After the sale of our company, I was lucky to land my current job. While the company name has changed a couple of times now, I’ve enjoyed a long tenure working with some of the best people I could imagine. One of them is actually in the picture above from Southern Tech!

My interests include hanging out with my wonderful best friend and wife, Michell! I also enjoy tinkering with things like my Raspberry Pi, my Iris+ drone, going to the gym (hey, it’s a new hobby for me), and traveling.

My number one priority is being the best father I can be to the best son I could ever hope for.

Zachary Houston

Lunatic Platitudes?

The name really doesn’t mean anything. I mean, I guess the words mean something, but together they aren’t intended to convey anything meaningful. In fact, I might rename the site at some point simply because I picked the name when I first set up the site, and really didn’t think much of it.

Why Does This Site Exist?

Really, I think the main reason is that I believe I have something to say. I’ve had this domain and site for several years (a really long time in Internet years) but I’ve never really taken the time to carefully write. I’d like to reverse that trend here and work more to share whatever meager insights I can muster whenever inspiration comes.

Please feel free to register, comment, provide feedback and participate!

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