IP Multicast Reference Information and Notes

IP Multicast :: When you need a good reference…

If you are not familiar with IP Multicast, or only have to dig into it on a rare occasion like me, it helps to have a good set of links to reference material at your disposal. These are good resources for stumbling your way through it. I have a couple of PIM environments, so these are here for my reference.

IP Multicast Address Reference

PIM and DVMRP build multicast trees, and are protocols for delivering multicast datagrams. The main difference between these two protocols is that PIM doesn’t rely on any unicast protocols to operate. Otherwise they are pretty much the same thing. They both build and maintain separate trees for every multicast source/group pair.

Jetcore Foundry gear will allow for hardware forwarding of multicast datagrams… the command is:

ip multicast-perf

1 million foot overview

A much more thorough overview is here: Multicast HOWTO

I realize I am minimally adding commentary to much better resources, but this is one of those posts where I felt I needed to take a minute to jot down some of these links and make a note specific to my own environment.

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